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Rebecca Schmitt, Arnaud Rossi, Albert Bensoussan

Omni-personal Luxury

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About omni-personal

Omni-personal goes beyond omni-channel. Omni-personal is about relevant and individual experiences. It is about at scale relationship-building between a brand and its customers.

Why you should buy this book

Luxury is facing a time of change, also accelerated by COVID 19. That ongoing transformation in luxury indicates the perfect timing for our book, outlining the post-COVID impact for the industry, including:
- Innovative omni-personal model
- Unique perspective, digitalisation merged with luxury expertise
- Author reputation and industry expertise

Rebecca Schmitt

The Future of Luxury is driven by new digital consumer expectations

Arnaud Rossi

My passion is to help embrace change, leveraging insight and digitalization, in order to create the best "Brand to Consumer Experience" @Scale...

Albert Bensoussan

Digitalization helps luxury brands to be more personal than ever

Table of Contents

1Introduction: Future of Luxury

2The Industry is Special

3Cautious Steps towards Digital

4Customer Centricity is Key

5Digital Transformation of the Omni-personal Customer Journey

6How to Go Omni-personal

7Conclusion: Embark on your Journey to Omni-personal now
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The Future of Luxury is omni-personal

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